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what i find funny is that there is even a backlash about this ...
models have for a long long long time been "a fantasy"
if the magazines want to show a "regular person" as something fantastic
great, if they want to show someone who has been "reconstructed" to fit
some sort of art director's ideal, great.

i remember reading somewhere that some "models" were going to be computer generated ...
a figment of someone's imagination .. and that's fine by me seeing most of what is
in magazines &c are pretty much the same thing ... a fantasy.

the obesity issue is linked to poverty, cheap foods high in fats and salts, and the fact
that cheap sugar ( HFCS ) is pretty much in everything one buys from catsup to salad dressing to
crackers, and unless people go back to making their own foods, or having enough money to buy
"good food" ( which is extremely expensive ) and having less leisure time, and more being active time
the world is going to suffocate in its own fat. humans for generation after generation have worked hard
eaten real foods and died young, it makes sense that when you change the equation that caloric intake
will take its toll. ( even at 7 years old )

is 300lbs
You're 300lbs? I always pictured you kind of scraggly, tell and slender like Maynard G Krebbs without the goatee

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