I have bought gear from Tam and Li Pham at Millenium as they were winding the film volume of this lab down a few years ago. A great pair.

He got lung cancer a number of years mid 90's I think this forced a wind down from running three or four labs to just the one he and his wife run from this store front in the MichaelAngelos Plaza.

His brother ran the ship and contracted the operation while he was recovering, so Tam knows he has the gear, but sometimes doen't know where it is.

I bought my D5XL from him, and a second dichroic head and some accessories were dropped off by Dave White when he was doing a gear pick there some month later. Tam and Li were rearranging a spare bedroom at home and found more omeag enlarger bits. They gave them to me since i had bought the last full Omaga he sold out.