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Ok...a couple of questions:

My Pyrocat MC turns lavender shortly after I mix it. Is this normal?

I'm getting mottled staining. I think this may be from the period of time the emulsion is exposed to air when I drain the developer and add the stop....and maybe due also to inadequate fixing. Thoughts?

I'm about to run another test with a change of process...taking the film from the developer straight to a stop tank with only a couple of seconds exposure to the air.
Long long ago early in my Pyrocat HD days I was buying the premixed A & B from the Formulary. A fresh shipment came in and I noticed a similar lavender color rather than the more vailed a Sepia color upon mixing. The results lacked noticeable density , unusesble negs. The Formulary gladly replaced the two solutions. I had already ordered from Artcraft the necessary chemistry in bulk to make Pyrocat HD. I distinctly remember spending. $55.00 on that order. I am only on my second bulk order for Pyrocat chemistry after almost ten years. I cannot imagine another high performance developer so inexpensive. Kudos to Sandy King !!