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it is pretty much impossible to tell images from the two different media apart.
i have shown side by side images to die-hard film people .. you know " death to the sensor" types
they had no idea which was which, and eventually realized it didn't matter so much and now are totally digitized ..
like the filmies .. a lot of people ( on this site? and probably in the flirkr group ) think they can tell the difference hands down ..
whatever ... by the time you see it on a screen it IS a digital image

not sure what the point of bull$hitting everyone is ..
someone doesn't want film uploaded somewhere, upload something else
someone doesn't want pixies uploaded somewhere upload something else

seems to be a trust thing more than anything else ..
and on media specific sites, once you break that trust bond ... you're pretty much skrewwed.
I said I was tempted, not that I would do it... Lol

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