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Every experience I've had with people on this site has been amazing.

However, I still wouldn't feel comfortable with posting my address. These pages are available to anyone. Registered users or not. It just seems like a bad idea. Maybe if someone is interested in sending something to you send them a PM with your address. I'm not sure if there are any code blocks to print text only for registered users. If not, I wouldn't put my address out on an open forum.

Again, this is nothing against the members of this forum. The people registered here are incredible. I am constantly amazed by this community. APUG is indexed with Google though, and Google can bring weirdos when an address is present.
Post to the private forums for paid members only

Then again I wouldn't post my exact address, however many are professionals (like I pretend to be on occasion) so my address is easily found by searching my website ownership info.

Big brother knows everything about me anyway

But yea, many don't search these communities for anything like that.

Anyway it's pretty safe here regardless.

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