My name is Raul (Carneiro Martins) and I am presenting myself for the first time to this community. I started with film (ok, now you know I'm not that young), stopped photography altogether when married and had kids, then started back with digital at full strength with a full frame . Got fed of the digital franzy and the obscene amount of hours seated staring glaringly at a screen and returned to my moldy roots, good old opto-chemical stuff. Restarted with the 135 format, then on to the 120 format, and now for over a year and a half at the 4x5. Started developing B&W, then enlarging, after a while got onto C41 processes and to RA-4. I have also tried a little bit of Pt/Pd. I have yet to tackle E6, but I already have the chemistry - I'm just lacking the motivation for E6 since my envisioned images I feel should go to paper. I still shoot digitally, but only on certain occasions like social events, kid's events and work related assignments. For everything else what gives me thorough pleasure is the palpable craftsmanship that goes behind opto-chemical processing.
While I have never posted here before, I have posted on the LFF so some of you might know me from there.
Unfortunately I was never given the chance of doing photography for a living, but photography is not a hobby for me. It is a part of what I am and I what want to be as a person. I guess I just discovered it a bit late...