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LA - we love it! we love it! (man we love the 80's but, we are more of snow and winter people anyways.

Roger - as you say we are now almost exactly smack in the middle, which means shipping west is cheaper, but shipping east is not - though i must say that after a week or so of orders its fairly safe to say our shipping rates will not change at all for the east, and we are now able to offer some better rates going west.

Seems like atlanta is just damned in general. I cant say much for the chicago summer, or winter for that matter, but its not much better, or worse then our wet and hot summers, and brutal winters in Boston... check our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...type=3&theater) to see the 12ft in 24 hours we got last winter, and that was not all...
I like living in the Atlanta area in many ways. I'm just SO not a cold weather person though. It does get pretty hot here in the summer, but it never really bothers me that much in all honesty.