[QUOTE=Dr.Kollig]Airbrush... actually I used Airbrushs before cameras, and you have to clean them after each colour, so I was afraid I would have to clean cameras after using colour film and decided to use b/w films.

Hi Doc… Cleaning cameras, really! You’ll be telling me next that you took the ‘mirror’ out of your M6 just to make it quieter! I use spot most of the time, and CW other times; I rate HP5+ at 320 Neopan at 400 and develop as norm. That’s why I was asking about the matrix for general shots. Some guy asked me the other day why I use an F5 for B&W considering all the wonderful things it can do. My answer…..Viewfinder! Love it; don’t distract, or give me unnecessary info. Can see everything and I love the feel of the in my hand, doesn’t feel awkward in anyway. Apart from my FM3a, don’t think there’s anything out there (slr) to match it. Have you ever had your F5 not fire and the warning neon flash? Mine did it a couple of times ( separate incidents and both times with no film loaded) a few months ago: not done it since?

All the best

PS…Have you seen. Tried, held the new F6 yet?