Thank you all for your warm welcome. I appreciate. Sure hope I can contribute to the dynamism of this community.

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Welcome Do you know anything about the Leica factory in Portugal? Chip
Well, I don't work there, and actually have never been there. That said I can give you some rough facts available from governmental sources and from Leica reports in Portugal:
- The factory was established in Portugal in 1973
- March 2013, commemorating their 40th anniversary in Portugal, Leica decided to create a new much bigger factory (50000 m^2) not far from the old one
- They currently have around 720 workers
- Last year they produced, and these are gross figures, 40k binoculars, 15k photographic lenses, 4k telescopic lens and 20k cameras
- The M9 is produced in this new factory and requires the assembly of more than 1220 parts