I bought a Pacemaker Speed with Kalart years ago as my first 4x5. Still have it and use it, but I have never taken a picture using the FP shutter. I followed the instructions online and aligned the RF, but I have never relied on it for a photograph. I wear a fedora but I've never tried to be Weegee-like with the Speed, like many, my LF photography tends to be not action packed. My other 4x5 is a Toyo monorail with the short rail, I've used this much more than the speed. I like the movements and the versatility, I dislike the size and the handling. The Speed I carry like a lunchbox, the Toyo comes in a footlocker. I have often thought of going the opposite way of the OP and trading the Speed for something that would give me the best of both worlds, versatile and compact.