it is so difficult to pinpoint just what you are trying to say, Fast, but I have taken apart many of this type. One thing to remember with 28s (and wider) is that the direction of the many elements is of paramount importance and you MUST make notes of what you are doing as you disassemble. Perhaps in your case you left the individual sets of element intact. Then you will have no problems with what I just said.

I get the fleeting impression that your problem is with the helicoid. You must re-enter the helicoid (where the individual coarse threads mate) at the correct point. There is a (brass?) ring that has fine threads on the outside for screwing onto the lens body and coarser threads on the inside which mate to the coarse threads on the front element group. It is difficult to explain precisely in your case as there is variation with the different off market 28s out there, but you must make sure that, when fully threaded, you are able to focus to infinity. Call me if you think that I might be able to explain more fully. No promises. 215.569.4949 - David Lyga