In all honesty, I don't know the definition of "serious emulsion". Every chemical I've used for my daily photography for the last six years is available in the EU.

Not so long ago, simple emulsions (and just making them stick to a glass plate, for gawd's sake) seemed like a great goal here, worthy of long discussions. Maybe it's my fault that has changed. I pushed the envelope each time I heard 'impossible'. I have pushed back against the idea that nothing can be learned from the old literature. Simple equipment? Faster than ASA 40? Handheld shooting? Roll film? Ortho film with affordable, available dyes? Panchromatic film? Each and every earned a loud 'Bah! Humbug!' until I did it, and then the goal bar ratcheted up. It has finally reached the place that anything made in a home darkroom is inferior just because it wasn't made and tested with equipment that is truly out of reach of almost anyone. Also, some of the assertions of fact I've read here are nothing of the sort. Not quite sure why the nonsense is even paid attention, but if there's anything the last couple of weeks of US politics has taught us -- people are going to believe what they believe -- facts be damned.

Anyway, I do think that more and more people will be making handmade objects in the years to come. When anything and everything can be bought at Walmart or made with a 3D printer, the hand-sewn, hand-woven, hand-painted, hand-carved, hand-blown, and hand-printed will be precious and valued again. In the meantime, those of us who have never believed otherwise (and we are many) are having a great time!