John Elvis ,

And it reminds me how sellers want to skin us with postal charges , 100 grams and 1 kilogram shipment is 25 dollars to here. Round trip costs 65 dollars for 25 dollars film. And processing , telecine... But if you have more finance than me , if you can afford it , it really worths. Thats the strong point. May be I can go in to it with 3 -4 months break.

I bought my Yvar at mint condition.

I want to ask is there any quality difference between two lenses ? I have 1.9 and there are tens of them at the market. But everyone with a digital camera uses 1.8. I astonished with the quality of 1.8 but mine -1.9- samples are rare and colors are death.

Is this a web search luck or are those two lenses are excellent ?