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you aren't imagining anything -- a large format negative contains more information that your brain appreciates even if it is not immediately apparent to the eye -- enlarged small or medium format negatives have the same image, and maybe you don't see the grain, but your brain is filling in gaps left by smaller negatives when they are enlarged, while a large format negative has a lot few gaps and more information.
This must be it. I spent some time examining prints under a loupe trying to figure out why I always like the LF 8x10's better, but there were very few quantifiable differences at that size. MF is grainless, and 35mm is pretty close to grainless at this size, but there is something in the tones of the 4x5's that just gives them a wow factor. I'd always just kept the LF gear in reserve for times when I needed a large print, but I think I'll be using it for more subjects now.