Both of you make excellent points. I very much respect and appreciate your feedback. The immediate take-home for me is that I need to edit TLF to include a condensed, heavily annotated "edition" that addresses the concerns and needs of people in the EU. I thought that the tutorials did that. There aren't any recipes there that include chrome alum, or anything but simple ingredients. But, admittedly, there is an awful lot of information. It's kinda been my thought that interested and motivated folk would dig into things and understand the doability of home emulsion making. That may be a lot to expect. I know that I gave up on an excellent website on handmade paper. Too much for brain to absorb!

I will give serious thought to a re-write, but I'm deep and happily into my personal art goal of color photography right now and need to decide how selfish I want to be with my time.

Indulge one more toot of my own horn. I make (and it is not hard) ASA 100 film. That's its speed in full summer light. It's a bit slower than that in the shade or in the winter. All the images on these pages were shot handheld. 120 film. Note the stop-action of some pretty fast-paced movement.

It was my intention to get this recipe onto the tutorials, but I'm holding off because of the issues raised in this thread and the one I started about emulsion making. I have matched up the recipe with an enlarging paper. It's a pretty nifty combo, and hopefully there will be an audience for it someday. The Light Farm is all about community and cooperation, and learning from feedback. I know I don't have all (or even most!) of the answers. All I know is my commitment to handmade silver gelatin emulsions. I hope the conversation will continue.