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Mustafa, homework first, then purchases. Too late for that. See http://www.bolexcollector.com/

Mustafa, homework first. In post #3 you mentioned seeing loveable 8/8 color footage. Kodachrome, not E-6. Kodachrome is gone, finished, kaput.

Re lenses, Kern made three grades of lenses for Bolexes. Bottom-of-the-barrel, Pizar. Mid-range, Yvar. Top-of-the-line, Switar.

Bolex made more than one grade of camera. You bought near the bottom of the barrel. For what you want to do, you really need a variable shutter. You should have done your homework.

John Nanian wrote

Not quite. 8/8 has one perforation/frame, so does 16. 8/8 has, therefore, twice as many perforations/length as 16 and 8/8 cameras won't feed 16 mm film.

In post #6 in this thread, Ektagraphic reminded us that Foma makes b/w 8/8 film. Mustafa, if you're willing to shoot b/w you can process it yourself, there's no need to send it out. Processing tanks for small gauge cine film are still available.

In post #12 in this thread johnielvis suggested trichromy with b/w film. This is a non-starter, the C8 isn't pin registered and with such a tiny format good registration is necessary for trichromy.
hey dan

i guess what i was trying to say is that double 8 is wider than straight 8 since it is put through the camera 2x i should have said it is "sort of like" 16mm film
(double wide ) so you can put it through 2x ... unfortunately it ISN"T 16mm ... ( sorry if i confused you umut! )

you might want to check out this archived website, its got a ton of stuff
that might be helpful ...