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... My method is to give the print just a hair more exposure, and after the print is developed, fixed, and washed, I use a pot ferri bleach and bleach back the fog until it is near paper white. I use a fairly dilute bleach, so that things don't happen too quickly.
It makes for a pretty nice print, and good enough where the difference compared to a print on fresh paper is pretty minimal.
The slightly lower contrast of the paper has to be accounted for.

Afterward I wash, fix again, wash, and then either dry the print or commence with toning in normal order.
Thomas, that's considerable washing, so if you are doing this process with Ilford FB Warmtone I thought you should be aware of info from an Ilford pub that I have. To quote:

"The optical brighteners that give MULTIGRADE papers their brilliant, sparkling whites stay exactly where they are needed - in the highlight areas of the print. All MULTIGRADE papers, except MULTIGRADE FG WARMTONE, have anchored optical brighteners which means they won't wash out and the paper stays white. With MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE, the brighteners can be removed with extended washing for an even warmer base tint."

I've also posted this info on the LF forum some time ago.