background: I was using fixed grade 2 paper for last couple of years, and often final print is too contrasty. So beside trying some procedures that I got from another thread here (soft developer, preflashing...) - I ordered some Adox variable contrast paper to try it out. I have Ilford multigrade filters. The biggest issues are that I am often missing some details in highlights, and prints are looking to "hard". Shadows are ok most of the time, only details in highlights are problematic in my negatives (but let's not analyse this now ).

I have read technique to use filters 0 and 5 only - and I understand basic principle behind. But I would like to try one method that seems logical for my case.

1) I make small print 10x15cm with 00 filter to see how much details I have on every part of the negative.
2) Put enlarger on 20x30cm size and make test on 10x15cm paper with grade 1,5-2 to get exposition time.
3) Make picture with grade 1,5-2 on 20x30cm paper and additionally burn highlights on parts where I think details are missing with 00 filter.
4) Eventually dodge some parts of image while exposing with filter 1,5-2.

Is this ok to proceed? I would like to hear some opinions before I start to burn pretty expensive paper.