Most every day 9V wall wart type power packs will have a hard time.

The best success I had was for a 4-aa type flash - Vivitar 283 I think it was. Fed it in the studio setting from ao old desktop PC power supplyfrom the early days of PC, when power supplies still turned on with a physical switch. Made a block of wood and screw nails to match the relevant normal aa contact areas. Fed it with 2 conductor lamp cord.

The PC supply on the 5V rail I used to power this set up was rated to deliver 20A. For a few seconds after the flash dumped (usually full manual into a soft box) the thing would suck back close to 20A.

I had another one fro a lab type supply that could deliver 6v, and upto 6A, and the 6A was drawn for the first 3-4 seconds.

But man, did that little falsh recycle fast. You had to take care, to not have the flash tube overheat. I actually took the lens out of the flash head to help the thing brath after noticing that it had started to melt at the ends of the tube after a tear down of one session.

Then I bit the bullet and bought a studio flash rig.