Interesting thread, I greatly enjoyed my Bolex B8 when I was young. I can still project the old Plus X and Kodachromes and they look great for what they are. Yes, cine film makes a great many exposures per roll. BUT, my goodness, the frame size is so tiny! In my opinion, enlargements from 8mm, S8 and even 16mm are mostly pretty awful. The grain is HUGE, and the low speed, fine grain films are long gone. Well shot 8mm with a fine camera (like a Bolex) looked okay as a moving image, not so good as a still. Telecine is not going to work so great as a way to transfer the individual images for stills use. It is a relatively low resolution way to digitize motion picture film and works well for a moving image, individual frame grabs are not that great. A 2K scan would be way out of your price range. Maybe use one of the old movie film enlargement attachments from the old days that you would attach to your SLR. Adapt one to a DSLR and you have a very inexpensive high resolution digital capture. Have fun with your project.