Back home, and getting over the jet lag...12 hours time difference!

Visited many different areas in Tokyo. Loved the country. Got a chance to visit Narita before leaving, it is a nice town!

Didn't spend too much time taking pictures, it was too hectic a trip. Will have to go back again.

I did purchase some Velvia 50 in 4x5 and 8x10, which many people in North America would be surprised to know still exists! Picked that up at Yodabashi Camera. Decided not to buy anything else, just from the perspective of carrying it back.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting Japan. I can't articulate everything right now, but for starters I would say it has some of the best food of any place I've been. And that is important in my book.

Thanks again for all your suggestions and insights, it was very helpful. Cheers!