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Good Evening,

Ian--Your comments about the reduced-size prints are interesting. On the few occasions I've done that with 4 x 5 or 6 x 7 negatives, it's been an awkward process getting the small size and being able to maintain focus; I seem to recall having to put something under the easel to make things work out. I guess a longer enlarger lens would help.

Reduction printing from my medium format negatives would probably be workable by using my 135mm enlarger lens. I use one of my medium format lenses (75 or 105mm) to make prints smaller than 8x10 from my 35mm negatives as the smallest I can get with my D2 and 50mm lens is almost an 8x10. But I have no way to reduction print my 4x5s - my longest enlarger lens is 135mm and that just won't do it for focus. I suppose I could raise the easel up off the baseboard on something but so far I've never wanted to do that.