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Yes, Dwayne's still does it. A duplicate from a 35mm slide is US 50 cents, but from a negative or a digital file is US$1.10. I just got some back from them yesterday that I'd scanned negatives of and sent to them. B&W slides from Rollei IR400S look pretty cool
I'm confused, what's Rollei IR400s? I've seen Rollei Retro 400s and Rollei IR400

But not combined, and the internet doesn't seem to give me an answer... Thanks.

Wonder why they charge more? I hope they aren't personally scanning and then using their scan to project into the new slide, because their scans are horrible LOL

Their prints are beautiful if you send them files digitally, but unless they've improved, the last Kodachrome slide I got scanned from them (2010) was just horrible.


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