Dear nocturnal,

Color printing can be performed using gel filters. (Here are a couple of ebay listings.) If you can find an old Kodak Color Darkroom Dataguide and any old book about color printing (I tend to use Alibris for finding old books. Search using Color and darkroom as keywords.) you will have your start. Next, search the forum using the keywords RA-4 and Tray. I used to use drums but my laziness got the better of me (if you use trays you must use examination gloves). Having said that there are many people who use the drums successfully and efficiently.

The details are better left for written sources, just make sure you have a stop bath between the developer and blix if you use trays. I like to add a water tray between the developer and stop so that the color indicator of the stop bath is still usable.

A set of Kodak Viewing filters is nice to have, but not a necessity.

One last thing. Accept that your first forays into color printing will be a bit frustrating. Things seem backwards (adding yellow filtration makes the print less yellow) and the color balance you swore was perfect under one light source will look awful under another. Lastly, you will agonize over the smallest filtration changes, showing examples to your friends and loved ones for their opinions and they will think you are crazy.

Have fun!