I'm mostly a jeans and T-shirt/sweatshirt girl anyway, so I have a few pairs of jeans that are less publicly presentable than others (mainly holes in the knees, not revealing ones). Those are the ones I wear for darkroom use and hiking. I tend to wear dark shirts that I don't care as much about as well. I've discovered that anything light colored is more likely to attract stains (and there's the chance of reflecting more light from the enlarger back onto the print during exposure). I've occasionally worn an apron or lab coat, but that's mostly when I do Mordanšage. No glasses, no goggles - they obscure my vision and I'm very careful about not having airborne chemicals. As I age, my vision is getting slightly worse, so this will likely change in the next few years. I do have a tendency to wipe my hands on my pants, so I prefer denim as it's pretty hardy and more protective than many fabrics (what I wore at the lab, too).