There is no law stating that you HAVE to use variable contrast papers in any VC mode. You can just print them like a graded paper, though
the outcome will be determined by the general color of your light as well as the specific paper itself. With my Aristo grid head as well as my
various colorheads, most VC papers seem to land around grade 3 when not otherwise filtered up or down from there. Now if that is somewhow to hard to understand when someone is allegedly miraculously capable of making "perfect" negatives, then there is some kind of conceptual disconnect involved. I don't know what a perfect negative is anyway. I tend to print the negative several different ways, even with different papers, and might like them all equally, though in different ways. Therefore I don't know what a "perfect" print is either. I like to make compelling and rich prints, but gave up on the possibility of perfection in art when I was about eight years old.