A couple of cautions.

First, the Massive Developing Chart (and App) is a little like wikipedia - things can be added that may not be right.

Use the times as a starting point.

Second, Bluefire is fairly esoteric, so it may require unusual times or temperatures.

Third, fixing times will vary with different types of fixer and different types of film - so it would help us if we knew what type of fixer you are using. The best way to determine the right time is to use a clip clearing test. Fix for as long as it takes a clip of film to clear, then replace the fixer with a second bath, and fix for the same amount of time again.

Fourth, I always use clips at both the top and bottom of the drying film. Several hours in a slightly humid environment works best. If, however, Bluefire is on an inherently curly base material, this will only reduce the curl, not eliminate it.