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Well, this is the so-called "size zero", imagine walking around and working like that for months on end, many (not all) "top" models are or are close to size zero, very very unhealthy.

No wonder they have to start the day with a bowl of salad and a hit of cocaine. :P
Along with what Winger said...

A size 0 has very little to do with body mass and more to do with bone structure.

Also there is a huge difference between a 0 and a 2 if you're a 2 or a 0 or 00 it matters a lot.

My GF is a 00 and eats more then me, but egged also 5'8" so finding pants means she always buys "big" with a 0 because they stopped making 00 clothing and also, kids clothing is too short for her legs.

A size 2 literally falls off her without unbuttoning...

She also eats about twice what I eat daily, I'm effectively a size 6 if I were a woman, and 5'8" as well.

Point is her bone structure is very small.

Some asian women for example are considered overweight and are size 0 but because of height or genetics are not the "healthy" size because the body mass of her genetic line is "normal" at a very thin (to us Americans) size.

Not all 0's are coke snorting anorexics... Just like not all overweight people are fast food eating slobs...

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