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If you really are then put that iPhone away and watch the road !! (unless you're not driving yourself).

Funny video...

Well, I'm in NYC traffic... So my car hasn't hit higher than 5mph in the past 30 minutes... I think I'm safe, and I wouldn't be on here if I thought I could hurt someone.

I also use Siri most of the time to dictate, so I'm rarely looking at the screen unless I'm reading and then I'm reading only one word at a time and then looking and reading and then using the mirror and looking and reading you get the picture...

I'm also a train precision driver which is what I'm doing traveling to New York City for work on a movie set driving in a scene, although this is not a complete excuse, I just want to let you know that I am a much more capable driver than most people and not because I am delusional, but because I have been trained and tested and very practiced at it.

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