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But that's the fun of APUG (as long as the OP doesn't mind much).

Stone, I feel for your GF - I'm only 5'6", but my height is mostly in my legs and they don't have longer inseams for smaller sizes. Jeans are easier to find than pants, which is why I wear jeans so much.
What's kind of ironic is that we were shopping for hiking pants and even those at REI (which are known to run in smaller sizes because fit people (mostly) run on the small side) were too big, 0 kept falling off her as she walked and she looked like a 90's kid with her pants hanging low haha!

Whatever happened to the days stores carried a short, regular, and long size pant??

Also it's strange often stores get 1-2 of each size instead of for example having 1-2 in 0-4 size but then having 3-5 pairs in 6-10 and again taper off to 1-2 for 12-16 or something, I always see extra 14 and 12 and 0 and 2 sizes hanging when all the other sizes are sold out...

And yes this is totally OT... Sorry OP

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