FS: Tele-Rolleiflex Type 1 with 135mm f/4 Sonnar Lens - This is s fully functional Type 1 Tele-Rolleiflex. It is has a 135mm f/4 Carl Zeiss Sonnar taking lens and a 135mm f/4 Heidosmat viewing lens. The serial number ending in 204 indicates it is early in the Tele series, probably 1960-61 vintage. This is a good user condition Tele not a collectible shelf queen. This Tele-Rollei weighs 3.22 lbs. (comparable to a Hasselblad 500cm with lens), and is easy to hand hold. The 135mm f/4 Zeiss Sonnar lens is very sharp and renders colors beautifully. See sample photos.

The Body: Has a Rollei F removable viewfinder, not original. It is functional but worn. The body has paint loss and minor dings but no major ones. The latch on the bottom could be tightened but works. The focus is smooth and the front looks aligned. The shutter speeds sound good, the aperture blades are clean. The crank rewind is relatively smooth. The viewfinder screen has some marks but not bad. The viewing lens mirror inside looks clean. The viewfinder pops up, the magnifier comes up, the viewfinder mirror needs replacement if you want to use the sports finder. The viewfinder snaps on the body nicely. The inside of the body looks excellent.

The lenses: The 135mm f4 Sonnar taking lens looks excellent with the exception of four minor pin-head size marks on the front. The 135mm Heidosmat viewing lens is clean and clear. The coating looks excellent on both and there is no separation. All Bay lll accessories fit the Tele. There were two special Rolleinars made for the Tele. You can read more about Tele-Rolleiflexes on-line.
Comes with chrome Rollei lens cap and three rolls of Fujicolor Pro 400 120 film. Price: $875.00 including shipping in the continental US