A curiosity question: Picturing in mind's eye a batch-run of 35mm Plus-X as an example, I would suppose the emulsion, (if only a single-layer is done); is mixed up in a vat or vats and brought up to the coating machine and hooked up to the feed inlet. Then it begins coating what was previously a cleaned-up and empty machine (fountains, rollers, and drums, whatever). Then at some point the base begins its feed, and the run is on, as long as the run was planned for. Not knowing how many shifts a run might last, at some point the run is over and the machine is washed-up. The whole process could be, or must be not unlike an offset web press, in my imagination. In the event that I do have a reasonable grasp on how film is made, comes my question: In such a run, about how many pounds of actual pure Ag went in to that batch run? And how much in grams or ounce fractions of Ag would there be in a 36 exp. roll?