I recently had to return a used Tachihara 4x5 I purchased because the back standard had some issues. I really like the Tachihara, but currently do not cannot find one. I do have my eye on a Zone VI Ultralight, but I'm having a hard time finding any concrete information and specs on this camera. Has anyone used both? How does it compare to the Tachihara?

My main concerns are:

Movements. For me the Tachihara was nearly the perfect compromise of size and weight vs movements available.

Ability to use a 90mm lens without bag bellows. Does the Ultralight have changeable bellows? I found I was able to get a fair amount of movement out of the Tachihara with it's standard bellows.

Groundglass brightness. One of the reasons I decided on the Tachihara was that I read it has a very bright groundglass. I have an f8 lens, so anything much dimmer would be a concern. I know I can replace it, but that's further cost of an already more expensive camera.

What type of lens boards does the Zone VI use?

Bellows extension. I read it is 22", which is much more than the Tachihara. Can anyone confirm?

Weight. I haven't found an exact weight on this camera.

Ideally I'd like specs that outline the limits of all movements of the camera, but haven't found any yet.

Thanks for the help.