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Funny video...

Well, I'm in NYC traffic... So my car hasn't hit higher than 5mph in the past 30 minutes... I think I'm safe, and I wouldn't be on here if I thought I could hurt someone.

I also use Siri most of the time to dictate, so I'm rarely looking at the screen unless I'm reading and then I'm reading only one word at a time and then looking and reading and then using the mirror and looking and reading you get the picture...

I'm also a train precision driver which is what I'm doing traveling to New York City for work on a movie set driving in a scene, although this is not a complete excuse, I just want to let you know that I am a much more capable driver than most people and not because I am delusional, but because I have been trained and tested and very practiced at it.

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I bet that's what Dale Earnhardt and Neil Bonnett thought.