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I broke out the 8x10 to take a photo of one of my boys and his homecoming princess standing next to the '54 Buick they rode in during the homecoming parade. Unfortunately the Porsche one of my other boys (and princess) was riding in took off right after the parade so I did not get that photo. I did get a quick shot of them in front of the Buick with my Rolleiflex. I have some photos taken with the digital, but won't share them here, of course.

Tomorrow will be busy -- I'll be helping a bunch of 4-H kids to shoot a roll of film each (35mm) in the morning -- we'll make contact sheets and a print each in a couple weeks. Then on Sunday I'll be using the 8x10 and 11x14 all day in the redwoods. That should keep me busy until the LFF is up Sunday evening!

PS -- my only computer programming class I took at college used IBM punch card machines!
Hehe nice! (On all counts)

Side note, I JUST learned about 4-H while visiting the New England fair "The Big E" a few weekends ago. Being in the Fairfield County area there's not much of that kind of stuff, but apparently it's big "upstate" CT and the surrounding areas. Seems quaint to me, like the farmers version of the Boy Scouts good stuff!

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