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Vaughn, no problem storing it. 99 sheets of (outdated!) 16x20 Ilford Multigrade Glossy Fiber paper. Let me know when you are in the these parts (East Bay). I'll save the paper for you.


Vaughn --- need to ammend, just took another look. About 70 sheets of the Ilford and an unopened 50 sheets of Oriental Seagull VC Fiber (16x20).
I will not be able to use the seagull. For some strange reason it holds onto the carbon particles and my carbon prints had a slightly fogged look to them. It drove me up a wall for almost a year trying to figure out what was going wrong with my carbon process -- finally figured it out when I used a piece of Ilford paper and had no 'fog'. I had taken a break from carbon when my triplets were born (taught myself platinum printing instead) and had re-started carbon printing after buying a couple boxes of Grade 1 16x20 Oriental on sale to make some 11x14 carbons on. I know of one other person who has used it with no problems, so I don't know what's up -- but I won't waste anymore of my time with it...a year was enough!

I often visit friends in Hayward (PhotoCentral) -- are you close to there?