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I guess there is something to be said for growing your food, and hunting animals that you actually eat, as opposed to buying a chop off a cow that lived an awful painful life in small cage only to be zapped to death.

However, I dont eat meat, and i dont understand why one needs to kill an animal that so gracefully escaped all the man made terrors in this world, and you are correct, there is something wrong in the world, where it is a "sport" to hunt an animal with a high powered rifle and a long range scope. That moose just had it coming.
And how does this relate to the topic of this thread?

To each his own. I will refrain from telling you how to live your life if you don't tell me how to live mine. I eat meat and enjoy it, whether it is an animal I raised for slaughter or one I took while hunting. I have done both. As for the rifle, I prefer to take the animal cleanly with no suffering so I use the proper tool for the job. I find nothing whatsoever shameful in that.

I also raise a lot of my own vegetables and fruit as well. Like the meat, they taste much better then most of what I can buy in a store.