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Teamwork, but thats not the issue here. This kind of comments make me realize that there is something wrong with the world. Do you know what meat is? They do not produce it behind the counter. These are free ranging moose that has lived a full life in freedom totally devoid of antibiotics and medicines, hormones, slaughterhouses and other man made obstacles. Itīs the only meat I eat.
I've a friend at work who grew up in Romania, and he has commented that no where but the U.S. has he ever seen such a disconnect between the source and table. I feel this applies to non-animal food as well, as I surprise people with the quality of produce that comes from local growers. I try explaining to people how most tomatoes are not ripe when picked, and merely changed color (with help) but do not ripen before they buy them. Also, most produce from the large grocers has been bred to increase yield and ease harvest - which robs flavor and nutrition.

My uncle hunts and will get a deer most seasons, and it is quite good. I doubt I could hunt, but I've nothing against it. I prefer food-animals that are "free range," so-to-speak. When I was a kid my uncle explained one scenario where they thought they only wounded a deer and had quite some trouble tracking it. I think many non-hunters either believe every kill is instant, or that hunters leave a plethora of wounded but living animals in their wake. Many don't realize there is a great deal of responsibility involved for the vast majority of hunters.