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I guess there is something to be said for growing your food, and hunting animals that you actually eat, as opposed to buying a chop off a cow that lived an awful painful life in small cage only to be zapped to death.

However, I dont eat meat, and i dont understand why one needs to kill an animal that so gracefully escaped all the man made terrors in this world, and you are correct, there is something wrong in the world, where it is a "sport" to hunt an animal with a high powered rifle and a long range scope. That moose just had it coming.
Plants also FEEL pain and die when you ingest them.

Seriously, plants do feel pain. So the argument about poor animals, I don't eat them, doesn't really fly if you're logical about it and know the facts.

Secondly, do you own a leather belt, leather shoe or dress shoe with a leather sole, leather seated couch or car seat, old sewing machine or lawn mower with leather belt, cozy suede slippers with lamb skin inside... Etc etc...

I too think it's terrible the way we keep animals in tight quarters and would prefer free range, but to not eat animals for "humanitarian" reasons is assanine. If you believe it's healthier to be vegan, then that's your perspective and option on and choice to do so (and it can be, depends on your genetic background whether your body works better on one or another food groups.

I also don't think it's good as a "sport" if you're able to buy meat at a store, but who's worse, the super market shopper who buys meat from a poor animal who was stuck in a dirty pen all it's life, or one who went out and killed their own meat from an animal who had a real life?

Just something to ponder.

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