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So, you precision drive trains? Or do you mean you're a trained precision driver? If it is the latter, do they train you to drive and text? Ha ha.

Today I was behind a woman who was texting in stop-and-go traffic. We weren't going over 5 mph, yet she was still a liability. Sure, no one would die, and it's doubtful anyone would even be injured, but the expensive rims on her SUV are lucky there were no curbs as she slowly drifted off the shoulder. I don't need to be in a minor fender-bender, nor do I have the time to waste filling out reports as a witness. She made me late enough by not keeping up with the traffic's turtle's pace.
Haha that's siri dictation not understanding my words properly haha

Trained as a precision driver.

And actually yes I've done movie scenes where they filmed me texting and driving on purpose

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