As is often the case, you have raised more questions than you have answered, but I wonít nag .

I did learn that NaBr is more than a rarely used novelty. I did not know that. Iíve never seen a NaBr emulsion recipe. Obviously, Iím not implying that I am privy to all of the recipes that have ever been made. Iíd rather contemplate the number of stars in the sky than try to guess how many variations on AgX have been run through the kettles!

I do have one observation. I believe you would contribute more to the knowledge that I know you want to share if you could be a little more careful with the shorthand and jargon. Back in the thread, ĎAmmonia or Ammonium salts in emulsion makingí, you stated, ďAnd, virtually none of the hundreds of emulsion that I worked with at Kodak used Ammonia in any form.Ē But, you have posted your Single Run Ammonia Digest recipe on APUG, and today, you are describing the use of ammonium sulfate. I find those juxtapositions confusing and I have a fairly good chemistry background. Just a thought, submitted with the greatest respect.