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The one who does not buy or eat any meat is obviously better, that way, at the very least, there is nothing to ponder on.
No animals in pens, and no animals who are not in pens get murdered. After all the most dangerous game is a human.
Genetic background...

Certain cultural backgrounds (through generations of eating a certain food) have genetically evolved to handle certain foods differently than other cultural backgrounds.

For example those of African decent react to breads and processed foods very poorly (more than other cultures) because their naturally available food groups in Africa were many types of fruits and meat, but no grain whatsoever (I'm simplifying).

But Asians have lots of rice in their diet, so they can absorb it and not gain excess weight. (Again, over-simplifying).

That's what I meant. You may live well as a vegan/RAW foodie, but I would wither away.

Second: I agree with you, if you're doing neither, then your impact on animals is nil (except supplying chemistry to us fools who some of which don't dispose properly contaminating the environment in which the animals (including people) live).

Third TO THE OP...

I think I like the swirls and the blown out highlights . But I know nothing of this film, however I would suggest LESS agitation, one very gentile full rotation (upside-down) every 1 minute. I know it seems counter intuitive but try it. And agreed make sure you fix that film a while 7-10 minutes with agitation every minute. And re-fix the old stuff, if it is a fixing problem the film will turn black permanently and be unusable if you don't re-fix it soon.

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