Two excellent How-To Photography Books. If you retain half of what each of these books provide you can consider yourself a photographic expert. Either of these would be useful to the novice to help avoid errors into the experienced photographer as a useful reference.

Photography by Charles Swedlund. This is written by Prof. Swedlund who is a University of Illinois photography professor. It is very well written and is an excellent and comprehensive coverage of the subject that includes a little history and eight great deal on how to make photographs and process imprint. He used earlier manuscripts as the tax for his students so the explanations have been thoroughly tested and are very clear. From a photography point of view it tells you everything you need to know to successfully make photographs. With dust jacket excellent condition with no damage. 8.4 x 10.4" 368 pages hardcover. $10.

Photography by Barbara Upton and John Upton. Second edition. This is a summary (not brief) of the information included in the Life Library of Photography that is the classic 15+ volume that most photographers have owned it some time during their career. This is 10 x 10" 390 pages that is now published by Little, Brown and Company copyright 1981. I owned the first edition of this book and found it to be excellent so when the second edition presented itself I bought it also. This is a very thorough treatment of the subject.
The chapters are: Camera, Lens, Light In Film, Exposure, Developing The Negative Printing The Positive, Finishing And Mounting, Lighting, You Camera, Zone System, Typical Techniques, Color, Camera Vision, History Of Photography, Gallery, Glossary. The illustrations are excellent far better than just a text description of how to do something. $10.

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