Hi, to everyone;

- my name is Jan-Peter and we live with our little family just above Lake of Constance looking onto the Austrian and Swiss Mountains. - I am an analogue photographer in the third generation already. My grandad had a Rolleicord, my father a Practika and I have a Contax system and also a Hasselblad 500 with four magazins and the 30mm, 50mm, 80mm and 150mm CF-lenses and a 2xMutar.

- We always have been enlarging in black&white, and as a little child I was switching the photos from the developer into fixing bath until late nights when pa had taken photos for the kindergarden in the early sixties. And we also have still brilliant transparencies froms these days.

- We take photos here and there, privately - such as a diary - and still do analogue photo-albums, however, I also enlarge as big as 20x20" and 20x24" sizes on Ilford MGW warmtone glossy in recent years.

- Unfortunately at this moment we do not have any mean to scan photos or either negatives; however, we are looking forward to a small second hand Canon scanner.

I am happy to share this wonderful hobby and interest with so many people world-wide.

Thanks for reading! - Have fun while taking and developing any analogue photos!!