Up for consideration is an excellent example of the 85mm 1.8 Super-Multi-Coated Takumar in M42 universal thread-mount. These lenses were produced between 1972-74 and was the last M42 iteration before the identical K-Mount version. The lens comes with it's original accessories and packaging from Honeywell - lens caps, lens shade, ever-ready/carry case with strap, registration card, and box with foam inserts. I've had an old Vivitar UV filter attached to it since buying it - it's will accompany the lens. I've used it a few times - great for portraiture and nature/landscape stuff as you would expect. It's just not a focal length I take with me on a regular basis so off it goes to fund other things.

If you'd like to read more about this lens and its ancestors, this is a nice source. It's #6: http://www.taunusreiter.de/Cameras/P...umar_85mm.html

The lens is pretty darn clean, almost spotless - I cannot discern any marks or paint loss to the barrel of the lens. It's almost too nice to take outside =). The glass is also clean and clear; there are perhaps a few cleaning wisps on the from element and a small amount of dust internally, but that's it. Mechanically the aperture stops down as it should, and its clicks are solid. Focus and aperture rings move smoothly, but are a bit stiff from age. In short this lens is equally at home as a user or a shelf queen (the former is preferable, I should think!).

Asking $450 for this beauty (the SL is for illustration only). I would definitely rate the lens as KEH EX at least - they have couple of examples sans extras priced above mine at the moment FWIW. Payment though PayPal, buyer pays fee. CONUS shipping via UPS is $20 - International PM me for a quote. Feel free to send any questions you might have. Thanks for looking!

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