I took 45-50 rolls of 120 and 35mm with me, through CdG earlier this summer (July 2013). I had all the 35mm in a plastic bag so that was an easy visual only inspection. Every step of the way hand-checked all of the film, but CdG pulled me aside and made me open a couple of the sealed pro packs of 120. They did the swab test on my Pentax 6x7, made me pull off the lens and the prism as it was plainly obvious that they separated. Being courteous, light-hearted and understanding that they had a job to do instead of expecting royal treatment made it all go smoothly. On the way out of France, I flew from Lyon to CdG and they did a very quick visual inspection on it all and did nothing more than a quick look at the 6x7.

Would I be so lucky next time? I don't know, but you can guarantee I'll be smiling and ready to charm rather than dreading some terrible outcome.