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He's saying it's faster out to an exposure time of at least two minutes. Eventually you may get to a time where Acros is faster, especially with times like you are using. But for most people a couple of minutes is a long exposure.
Thanks, I think I JUST got it!! Because TMY-2 only looses 1/2 stop for x minutes after 1 second, it's effectively still Ei 200 after 1 second so that's faster than 100 at 0 reciprocity failure the first 2 minutes... Seriously it's taken me a year to get that! Duh!!!

Well, since I find I have to rate TMY-2 as EI-200 to get a good exposure, for me acros is still better haha, plus I like it's look better for many things and have trouble repeating results with it. Anyway again another story all together...

Thanks for helping me "get it"

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