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Everybody hit the floor, THis is a threadjack!

I have landed in Hell or been to Hell and have even seen it snow in Hell. Moose are a common as deer in Texas and if you hit a deer at night it does a lot of damage. I cannot imagine the issues they have in Norway with the overpopulation of mooses. BTW, the reindeer is also very good eating!

Back to your regular program.

Yea, actually in CT they limited the hunting and now there is an overpopulation with now food they are starving and wandering into the highway getting hit every day, so now non-hunters from the state have to go in and shoot the deer to cut down the numbers as a "humane" way to keep them from suffering from starvation... So who's worse the hunters, the "herd thinners", or the people who want them to starve and be hit by cars because they don't want deer to be hunted? ...

Still wondering what the op has done with the film, if they were able to fix it further.

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