Pondering the R&D, testing, production, and waste that must be involved, it occurs to me that there must have been a spliced areas in the film web that had to be discarded with emusion on them, beginnings and ends of run pieces discarded, along with leftover coating "syrup". And all the fil from laboratory test runs... on and on. I'd have to guess that there was a very high spoilage rate all told. And all this waste with silver, a precious metal, just going to waste. Kodak must have had a whole silver recovery department. I didn't even mention all the punched-out sprocket holes from 35mm film, all with silver emulsion on them. Come to think of it, did you EVER head of one "hanging chad" on a roll of 35mm film? I never did. I'll bet at one time, a 35mm film hole-punching machine must have spit out sprocket-hole confetti by the barrelful as fast as they counld hand-truck it away and bring up another bin. A lot of silver in all that.