So today the Speed came, the one with the 152 Ektar in a Supermatic-X shutter. The camera is unusable; back tracks are busted and the focus rail has nothing to hold it on its tracks. Back shutter fair-to-good, semisilver Kalart mirro appears to give second image in rangefinder. Camera is kinda junky, but not total junk, except you can't use it because it needs all new focus rails in bed and body.
But the 152 Ektar glass is very good. It needs to come apart to clean between the elements, but wonder of wonders, it has no "cleaning marks". And while the shutter needs CLA, it DOES operate reasonably well. I paid $177 plus shipping for what I thought was a usable camera. The seller says to send it back.
So the question is, is keeping this purchase worth it for the lens alone, along with a body that will need some more money for a parts-body to fix? Or is this a borderline case where I should forget about this nice lens? Remember, the next Speed I end up with will probably have the standard Optar/Graphex combo.